By   May 1, 2017

The Best Way To Choose Window Well Covers The thing about window wells is that it provides access to basement windows as well as providing the exterior of your house a finished look. Without window well covers over the openings, you’ll certainly have a lot of debris that accumulates in them. Having open wells might only give burglars easy access into your home. Having uncovered openings could be the source of accidents for your children and pets as they might fall into it. Before you ever purchase any cover, it is very important that you check local building codes to know more about their usage. You should be aware of the fact that there are municipalities where you are not permitted at all to install coverings on windows as these might be needed for emergency cases as an exit. Whenever you choose to buy window well covers, you should only choose those that are made from rustproof and durable materials. Choosing window wells covers that are made of clear plastic bubbles may need to be replaced periodically because they can be easily damaged. It is strongly recommended that you choose basement window covers that are made from steel, aluminum, or better yet with polycarbonate materials. Each of these are known to be quite durable and free from regular maintenance. If possible, you should pick basement window covers that would perfectly fit the inside of your window wells. They will give you more security because you can lock it up in place. This can also be a good way to prevent bumping the covers off the frames.
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Another important thing to consider is that the covers must be able to support weight. This may not be as important for windows that are installed over a flowerbed, but it is the best one for a well that opens below a deck. You’ll definitely appreciate its usefulness if by some accident a person steps off the decking and onto the cover, it should be capable of supporting him.
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Choose window well covers that comes with a really good warranty. Choose warranties that would cover you for several years. You should pick out styles that would match your house’s exterior and make sure it’s going to do what you want it to do. For better protection for children, you should look for reinforced mesh. The thing about mesh is that it allows more light to your basement as compared to other styles. With classic bars, you’ll be able to keep the debris out and it adds security to your basement windows. Determine your need whether it would be more beneficial to have flat window well cover or a bubble style. It would be best if you choose a bubble cover if your window top extends over the window well. See to it that you choose the right size of covering for your opening. You can always order a custom-made basement well cover if the available size and shape do not fit.