By   June 21, 2017

ShopWorx is a data tracking software that specifically caters to screenprinters. It is a t-shirt company’s perfect dream and has helped many small businesses flourish in a particularly competitive world. But, it is getting more complicated. Companies and consumers are looking at more. Companies may not be able to thrive through a core selection of products with a limited range of options. Custom design purchasing is becoming a lot more popular, and it could change the face of data tracking in a big way.

What does this entail? Customers will be able to select exactly what they want. This could manifest in one of two ways. The first is that they just have a lot of options. For a t-shirt, they can select the cut. They can select the color and the size, which is often considered the standard. Perhaps they can select the coloration of the design or the placement. Companies that have their own screenprinting warehouse can accommodate this a little easier than those without. Regardless, it takes some extra initiative from the saas program in tracking the details.

It could manifest in another way. The customer could just design everything component of the product they purchase. This includes the shirt color, the size, and the cut. This also includes the design on the shirt itself.

Now, the above is an example as it pertains to clothing and screenprinting, but there is no limit to how full 100% customization can manifest. Some companies are doing it right now, and the practice is making huge strides. Lulu is a self-publishing book company that allows users to design the book from the ground up. Yes, they have some restraints. For example, there are only about three book size options available for hardcover and softcover respectively. But, it isn’t hard to see more being added or finding a way to accommodate any measurement in the future.

Custom design complicates data and product tracking exponentially. How does one track a product that is custom made? How does one detail that sale? It will be fascinating to see how this expands in the future when data tracking gets even more specific.