By   June 13, 2017

A General Overview of Using Business Integration Software Solutions to Improve Your Business For many years now businesses have been challenged to improve the internal communications channels in their companies. The main obstacle to opening up these communications channels is the fact that business software systems have been specialized to perform specific front end or back end tasks, but they have not been designed to communicate with each other. For example, many offices use both SalesForce project management solutions for their front end processes, while using accounting software that will not necessarily communicate with it. This problem becomes increasingly complex when you also factor in the increasing number of companies that are using app platforms like Google Apps and ecommerce solutions like Shopify in their sales and marketing operations. In an effort to unify your business operations, today there are business integration software solutions designed to connect your operations with your marketplace. A good example of this would be NetSuite integration software which connects your SalesForce to Google Apps and Shopify. Using integrated business software systems provides your employees with a number of important advantages. You will enjoy an immediate improvement of the communications channels within your total organization. Business integration solutions also gives your employees a single integrated desktop login, allowing them to access all of their essential business systems from a single platform.
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For example, when you implement a NetSuite to Google Apps connector you will be able to login into all of your email from your Gmail account, creating a powerful and convenient communications solution for every employee in your organization. This kind of integration process will also increase the portability of your operations. Everyone in your organization will be able to access their integrated email accounts from any Internet connected device because they are cloud based systems.
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The important part of this is the fact that business integration software solutions can help you unify your company’s operations, making it possible for your sales and marketing to communicate directly with your ecommerce and app platforms. By implementing a NetSuite integration connecting Zendesk with Shopify or NetSuite with Google Apps, you will see an instant improvement in communications. This will allow your staff to have additional data streams that can help them in their day to day decision making processes. To find out more about the advantages of using business integration software solutions, the first step is to take a moment to visit the official website of a business software development company. It is actually quite easy to find software solutions that will connect your SalesForce with ecommerce platforms Google Apps and Shopify. To get started, all you have to do is search the Internet for business integration solutions to connect NetSuite, Google Apps and Shopify.